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Rough Edges Series: Text

Rough Edges: Grapevine Fire Department


Adore Me (Rough Edges 1)

The last thing Tessa Rogers needs or wants, is a hero.

When single mom Tessa's apartment burns down, she's left with nothing but ashes and nowhere to go.

Hunky firefighter Damon Jackson has been battling depression since his wife's passing, but he still has an enormous heart and offers Tessa and her daughter a place to stay.

Neither of them is looking for a relationship, but the proximity has them quickly falling for one another, flaws and all.

Tessa always promised herself she'd never fall for a firefighter - not after losing her dad to that heroic profession. And Damon is afraid to open his heart again.

Will she be able to help Damon, or will the depression and grief be too much?

Admire Me (Rough Edges 2)

He finally found "the one" but now she has no memory of him.

  Liam Jackson, a Grapevine firefighter, has always longed for his happily ever after. He dreams of becoming a father, but all the women he dates want nothing serious.

  Until he meets chemistry teacher Harper Davis. She's relocated to Texas following her parents' deaths and is trying to settle in to her new surroundings.

  When Liam and Harper meet, their connection is instantaneous, but their idyllic life together suddenly shatters when an attack leaves her in a coma. Harper awakens with no memory of her parents' passing, moving to Texas, or meeting Liam.

  Liam's determination to rebuild their relationship is like no other, and the doctors say her memories should come back. But what if they don't?

  Will Harper fall in love with him all over again, or will he lose the love of his life?


Cherish Me (Rough Edges 3)

Eight years is a long time, but some feelings never fade…

When former foster kid and perpetual misfit Hazel Grey left Grapevine to follow her dream of studying Law at Harvard, it felt like the right thing to do. Even though it meant turning down the proposal of the only guy she ever loved.

Aiden Jackson has never forgotten the only girl that took him seriously instead of just treating him like a dumb jock, the one who stayed by his side the night his mother died to help him through his grief.

Now it's eight years later and not a single day has gone by where they haven't thought of one another. When Hazel comes back to town, the chemistry between them burns as bright as ever, but will that be enough or will old hurts from the past be too much for even love to overcome?

Rough Edges Series: Work

Treasure Me (Rough Edges 4)

Love can blossom when you least expect it.

When construction worker turned firefighter Jeremy Grey is faced with the difficult decision to put his father in a facility due to his progressing Alzheimer’s, he’s left wondering if he made the right choice.

When Raquel Hargrove steps into the picture as his father’s caregiver, the attraction is there, but he has no time to even think about pursuing a relationship with the responsibility of his father’s health in his hands.

Neither of them is looking for a relationship, but the proximity has them quickly falling for one another, flaws and all. Raquel always promised herself she’d never fall for a family member of one of her patients – not after what happened to her boss.

Will she be able to help Jeremy cope, or will the depression and grief of his father’s disease be too much?

Savor Me (Rough Edges 5)

The last thing Vanessa needs or wants is to settle down.

Straight out of a ten-year relationship, Vanessa tries to get used to being by herself again. It’s difficult with an eight-year-old in tow asking all kinds of questions. Her fears about being able to provide for her daughter on her own scare her, but she’s determined to make it happen without having to ask for his help.

Firefighter Brodie Hill has volunteered to be the new softball coach for the Grapevine Musketeers, and when he runs into Vanessa, the attitude problem of hers only makes him intrigued. No one is this bitter without a reason.

After his assistant gets hurt, Vanessa gets volunteered to help by her daughter forcing them into a partnership.

Will they slowly tear down each other’s walls or will Vanessa’s reluctance to settle down throw a curveball in their love story?

savor me.jpg

Ravish Me (Rough Edges 6)

Fire. Forbidden Love. Forced Proximity.

The toll of fighting fires day in and day out leaves Leslie Porter emotionally drained, exhausted and burnt out. She needs a big change, fast, or she won’t survive another year.

After losing his wife, the only thing going right for Noah Mills is his career as an English professor. He’s given up on failed dates and lonely nights swiping left. None of the women he’s met have the depth and complexity he craves.

A chance encounter with a stranger changes everything. The chemistry is instant and undeniable. The passion only intensifies when Leslie takes her first step into Noah’s classroom.

Flames grow higher and higher, stripping away any ounce of self-control Noah grasped. Two livelihoods are on the line. Will Noah risk his last sliver of hope for a moment of heat? Can Leslie fight the desire burning inside?

One click today to watch Noah’s restraint crumble.

Rough Edges Series: Work

Love Me (Rough Edges 7)

Brothers’ best friends are supposed to be off limits…

Angela Haddon can drag a grown man out of a burning building and rescue a kitten from a tree, but keeping her hands to herself is getting old when it comes to Stefan Trevino.

He’s sexy as sin, a billionaire, and absolutely off limits, according to her brother.

Stefan doesn’t do commitments or clingy girlfriends, though Angela is up for the challenge. She isn’t the same teenage girl she used to be, and judging by the biceps stretching the sleeves of his shirt, Stefan has grown up too.

A harmless game of truth or dare ignites a hidden flame. The sparks they both have buried for so many years are rising to the surface. Fear of ruin makes Stefan hesitate. He has to choose—his heart or his best friend.

Will Angela bring Stefan to his knees? How many bridges will be set on fire?

One click today to see the match drop.

Dote Me (Rough Edges 8)

A weekend. A former Flame. A wedding.

Adrian Locke panics when his sister invites him to her wedding. The smoke is closing in on him, but he used to put out fires with his day job. He’s desperate to find a plus one, fast. He can’t let her know that the girlfriend he has been talking about isn’t real. They would find out he’s still miserable and alone. He might be a billionaire, but money isn’t everything.

His plan: fake it! He’ll find a pretend girlfriend.

Single mom and firefighter, Blair Young, is struggling to make ends meet. When her former high school fling turned Billionaire ex asks her to be his pretend plus one, it solved all her problems. She’ll have enough money to pay the rent and she gets a free trip to Hawaii.

It’s almost the perfect solution until Blair and Adrian talk about the past. Second chances never come easy. No one wants a second break-up.

When the weekend ends, Adrian can’t let Blair walk away again. He has to prove the fire in his heart has always burned for her, otherwise, she’ll be gone forever.

Can they pull off the lie, or will it all come crashing down around them?

worship me.jpg

Worship Me (Rough Edges 9)

Jade only has time for Mr. Right Now after moving back to her hometown and making partner at Shure and West Law firm. Finding love is the least of her worries. If it weren’t for the holidays, she’d still be buried deep in her work.

A devilishly handsome Pediatrician and volunteer firefighter by day, and a throw you up against the wall type by night, Alec hasn’t seen Jade since graduation. He won’t let this second chance go to waste.

Duty calls and court can’t wait. Will Jade hold a grudge for his mistakes a decade ago, or realize he is just the person she’s been waiting for?

Rough Edges Series: Work

Possess Me Me (Rough Edges 10)

Sometimes your past has to come to light before you can move on to your future.

Stefan Navaldi is trying to live his best life in New York City for Christmas, but one phone call from Amanda disrupts it all. He travels back to Grapevine, Texas to be with the Wilson's in their time of need, but things are bigger than they seem.

Amanda has never gotten over Stefan. He is the guy that got away, and she's tried to move on, but no other guy compares. She knows he isn't back forever, and nothing good can come from her telling him how she feels, but she might not have to...

Once Stefan finds a letter, everything is brought to light.

Will a small town Christmas be exactly what Stefan needs or will he go back to New York City like nothing ever happened?

Rough Edges Series: Work
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