Get Back to Work

July 31, 2021

What happens when a power-hungry woman and an eager-to-please man are gunning for the same promotion?

Stella has worked her ass off to get her master’s to climb the corporate ladder at Gem Marketing. Her dream might come true when she finds the CEO is retiring and the board has recommended her to be in the running for the promotion.

The only problem she's not the only one. Her rival is the CEO's son, Max, a hunky, broad-shouldered dreamboat with an ego the size of Texas. She needs to keep her eyes on the prize and not on him.

Max has worked hard to live up to his father's legacy. Right when he's about to be handed the family business, he finds out a rival is also up for the role of CEO: the ambitious and gorgeous Stella, whose bombshell looks and business savviness make his knees weak.

All's fair in love and business, isn't it? But will attraction keep both from achieving their dreams?


Married to the Operative

April 22nd, 2021

What happens when Maxwell receives orders from the NSA to marry a complete stranger?

The mission, to marry Vanessa Lambert, who is worth billions of dollars, has two Ph.D’s and is the foremost authority on biological agents and neural mapping. Yet, intelligence doesn’t matter when someone is trying to kill you.

Maxwell, a highly decorated member of the NSA’s task force, has never turned down an order, and he won’t start now.

A fake marriage and no intention of gaining feelings… What could go wrong?


Someone Like Lorenzo

July 22nd, 2019

Celebrity Chef meets Girl Next Door.

Allison McCory dreams of seeing the world. Having lived her whole life on the isolated island of Cushnagh off the Irish coast, her whole small world revolves around her grandmother's health. She can't leave. Not now. Maybe never. 

Celebrity chef Lorenzo Moratti's life has fallen apart. He's caught up in a messy divorce, hiding from the paparazzi, and his cooking show is in danger of being canceled. Overwhelmed, he retreats to Cushnagh to get away from it all ... and maybe to never come back. 

A chance encounter redirects their lives. Can Allison help restore Lorenzo's faith? 

Or is their meeting a recipe for disaster?


Simply Complicated

September 16th, 2019

Who could have known the best way to meet a woman is to be assaulted by her then hire her as your assistant?

Hudson Finnegan’s a veteran, who started his security company after being honorably discharged. Each scar on his body tells a story, and his walls are thicker than the bars at Alcatraz.

The last person Hudson expected to see as an interviewee for his assistant was the woman that assaulted him. But his mother made it impossible to say no.

Laurel’s mission, if she chooses to accept it, is to get under Hudson's skin. It's time for his impenetrable walls to come crashing down.

Could she execute the mission flawlessly or wind up getting too close?


The Billionaire's Lie

November 2nd, 2019

Their lie could change everything…

Matteo’s rough personality puts a damper on those around him, and his walls were kept thick by keeping people at arm’s length. But when he needs a plus one for his sister’s wedding, lying was the easiest option.

Cue Lacey. She agreed to be his girlfriend for the wedding but only so she could pay off her impending tuition. With his attitude, she was questioning her decision on the first day.

When a hurricane hits and they’re stuck inside a hotel room for an entire day together, struggles and inner demons are laid out on the table.

Can they pull off the lie or will it all come crashing down around them?


Different Worlds

April 30th, 2020

Ella’s a simple girl who dreams of one day leaving The Big Apple behind. A fly on the wall, someone no one notices. Until him.

Best known for his business savviness, Alexander's devilishly handsome, earning him the title of Sexiest CEO Under 35.

His world is a whirlwind of champagne, galas, and charity events. Her nights consist of bubble baths and an occasional beer.

It’s been said, opposites attract. But what happens when you’re from two different worlds?


Rekindled Love

July 10th, 2020

Sebastian might have a bad rep from High School, but it’s been ten years, he deserves a pass. A devilishly handsome Pediatrician by day, and a throw you up against the wall type by night.

Camilla moves back to her hometown after becoming a partner at a law firm. She’s never really had time to pursue love, but when she runs into Sebastian, the thought crosses her mind.

A second chance only comes around once, and Sebastian won’t let it go to waste.

Will Camilla hold a grudge for his mistakes a decade ago, or realize he is just the person she’s been waiting for?


Caffeinated Bliss

September 30, 2020

Red-haired beauty Laura Gann inherited a bookstore after a friend's death, but the building needs a lot of work to make it a viable business. She hires handyman Derrick to help, but his foul mouth and brooding ways are instant turn-offs.

But when someone tries to rob the Bookish Cafe, will she regret judging a book by its cover? There seems to be more to Derrick than she originally thought.

Could he be the hero her story needs to achieve its happily ever after?


Shattered Soul

January 1, 2020

Sometimes you can’t escape the monsters in your closet.

Nikki was once so full of life until he came along. Now, she wants to leave him behind.

Elijah, an old friend, reappeared back into her life just in time to find her lying unconscious on the floor of her house, bloody and bruised.

Dwayne made sure Nikki would pay for her mistake. He didn’t realize he would be paying for his own too.

A coma. A murder. A Kidnapping.

Many things happen during this rollercoaster ride, but you won’t want to put it down.


Our Farewell


What would you do if you found out the love of your life only a month left to live? Would you drop everything and spend those last moments with them?

Kasey left Nathan behind when her acceptance letter came in from Harvard to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer.

When parting ways, the promise is if they both are single at thirty, then they would get married.

But a stage four cancer diagnosis changes everything…


Chasing London

February 1st, 2020

Christmas in London throws you straight into Charity Parkers life as a detective living in New York City. 

She leads a crazy life but that all changes when her friend books her a one-week Christmas vacation to London. At first, Charity refuses to go, but soon realizes it could be just the break she needs.

Arriving in London, Charity finds out she has been scammed. Her knight in shining armor comes to her rescue. Matt Thunder, a mysterious handsome mechanic, who makes her feel alive. 

Charity begins to realize that Matt’s a deeply scarred man who had just gotten left at the altar two months previously.

Can they overcome their issues and prove that fate is real after all?


Double Dare

TBA 2022

We all played this game in high school, but not at an office party in our thirties. With a hard deadline approaching, our late-night cram sessions involve liquor and takeout. Only this time, it gets out of hand.


Lacy Peters is the “marry” in the game: Fuck, Marry, Kill.


Everything changes the minute I choose dare. It's a choice, but fuck did I choose wrong. As soon as they whisper in my ear, I know how terribly screwed up this will end.


The chances of Lacy ever speaking to me afterward are slim, but any time with her is better than none.


Summer has to Come

TBA 2022

He wants the summer. She wants forever...


Callie's summer break is shaping up to be the best one yet. She and a group of friends take off to the Bahamas to blow off some steam after her nasty breakup and get a killer tan.


Until things head in a different direction...


Callie and Bentley grew up together. He’s charming, smart, and responsible. The only problem is it’s her best friend’s younger brother.


When they bond over their failed relationships, things heat up. Bentley is nothing like the boy she remembers from ten years ago.


He is a sexy, flirtatious, irresistible MAN.


Will this be the summer that Callie and Bentley fall in love, or will it be the summer that everything, including a friendship, falls apart?


Lovely Lane

TBA 2022

Every small town holds secrets.  Covington is no exception.

Lane gets a devastating call advising him of his grandfather’s passing, leaving him heartbroken. After his mom died at ten and his father dropped him off on Paul’s doorstep, he raised him like his own.

He must travel back to Covington to get his grandfather’s affairs in order, but there’s someone he didn’t wish to see. After all, they haven’t spoken since graduation.

In a small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business. His long-time ex-girlfriend, Paula, will discover he’s coming, and he’s not ready to face her. Not yet. Their history isn’t something he prefers to think about, drudging up the mistakes that provoked him to choose to go to school so far away from home.

Departing Covington after graduation, Lane leaves the stupid teenager he became behind along with all his dirty secrets.


Time to Shine

TBA 2023

Felicity Spark moved to the city to follow her dream of modeling however she had to work an actual job while she's auditioning. She lands a great paying job serving cocktails to rich people.

Cue Alaric Jones. He has a passion for money that came from building his empire in New York City. He has almost everything he wants except the perfect woman. He didn't want one that came from money,  but a simple woman who could cure his heartache.

While serving at a party, Felicity is spotted by Alaric. He tries to start a conversation with her while taking a cocktail but then she is pulled away by Naomi.

Naomi Clark has been crushing on Alaric since they were kids. She is determined to keep Alaric open for herself. 

Can Alaric figure out why he is not able to keep a woman around? Deep down, he thinks somehow he's damaged goods because of his past.

Can Alaric cut Naomi out so he can find his spark with Felicity?


Respectfully Yours

TBA 2023

Ariala never knew her passion could create such pain.

It thrilled her to have her art displayed at a gallery opening until tragedy struck. While she was celebrating her professional accomplishment, her estranged parents were killed in an accident, leaving her haunted with regrets. Now, she’s questioning her future and doubting her every choice.


After twelve years in the army, Luke is struggling to find his place in civilian life. Without the structure and purpose of the military, he has no idea where he fits in. Pressured by his parents, he takes a job at their firm representing young artists simply to appease them. 

When Luke and Ariala’s worlds collide, they’re drawn together by the inner turmoil that plagues them both.

Can losing themselves in each other, to explore their wants and needs, help them uncover their future path? Or will the price of desire cost them all they hold dear?



TBA 2023

Best Bartender in town meets Maid of honor.

Alec's opening night was set. His employees were ready and the bar was stocked. How did he see his opening going? Not like this.

When Sophia showed up with her sister celebrating her last night before getting married, things got a little out of hand.

Cue drunken karaoke, repetitive shots, and bride to be passed out on the bar.

Alec and Sohpia band together to make this night neither of them would forget.



TBA 2023

Best Bartender in town meets Maid of honor.

Alec's opening night was set. His employees were ready and the bar was stocked. How did he see his opening going? Not like this.

When Sophia showed up with her sister celebrating her last night before getting married, things got a little out of hand.

Cue drunken karaoke, repetitive shots, and bride to be passed out on the bar.

Alec and Sohpia band together to make this night neither of them would forget.