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Seductive Bosses

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Infatuated with my Boss

Carson Morel is the boss who isn't just a distraction, he's the ultimate one...

Nora Averly’s passion for her work at the museum is only exceeded by her frustration at the red tape and meaningless bureaucracy that has kept her tied down for so many years.

When she realizes that her glass ceiling is none other than her superior, Carson Morel, she decides that she’s going to stand up to him once and for all to get the position she deserves.

However, when she discovers the truth of the matter, she is given a choice that is harder than she could have ever expected.


Obsessed with my Boss

As the son of the owner of a multimillion dollar tech company, Michael Dalton knows he must one day take over his father’s empire. Focusing his attention on the department he’s been handed, he wants to prove his worth while sating his curiosity at the same time.

He’s less than interested in the mundane workings of the department but when a pretty new face with the brains to match strides into his life, Michael’s world is turned upside down.

Can Michael keep his eyes on building his empire or will she be his undoing?


Fascinated with my Boss

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Possessed by my Boss

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