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Rise of the Blood Lust

Kentucky, The "Bluegrass State," has turned red. 

A decade after a catastrophic experiment gone wrong, vampires now boldly leave emptied bodies in the street, and humans will soon cower in fear. 

The Guardians, a clandestine force intent on stopping the carnage, have covertly infiltrated the dwindling human population as they prepare for the coming battle.

Some will have to make tough decisions. Some will completely question whether they are on the right side of this war.

Both sides have their strengths, weaknesses, and pitch-black secrets-- but who will prevail?


Rise of the Blood War

The Guardians successfully dethroned the leader of the Blood Takers, but what about his loyal followers? With Jakob out of the picture, their plan is simple.

Set rules, reform the Rogues, and ultimately keep their secret.

#1: Only drink what you need to survive.
#2: Register with your assigned Governor.
#3: No relationships with a human.

Their rules aren’t hard. You follow them, you live. You break them, and you die.

When more and more rogues keep creeping up in existence, a red flag raises. Someone is turning humans for personal gain and using them to expose their secrets.

Many lies are told on the night of Jakob’s death, but no one could have foreseen the person behind this…


Rise of the Social Order

Only through suffering is peace truly appreciated.

After eradicating Jakob and the Blood Takers, another leader emerges, trying to make the humans bow before them as if they are gods. The Guardians can’t seem to catch a break trying to keep the peace between humans and vampires.

After capturing the new rogue leader, Drake, the humans make one thing clear. The only way for a treaty to be upheld is to hand him over and let justice rein upon him.

Only problem: Will Sasha comply or let her heart get in the way and cause a major war? Is it possible to have peace after all the suffering inflicted on both sides?

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